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All Images on this page are Copyright Deanna Jean Briggs. All rights reserved.


These are just some examples of my artwork. I enjoy working in all mediums so there is a lot here. Enjoy! All I ask is that you please do not use these on your webpages. If you want to use them for anything, please write me @ shad0wdr3am*@* (without the *'s and that's a zero). I will let you know from there. Thank you, and have fun. =)


Most of these are 13 years old or older! Yeesh. Time to do some site cleaning!
They are not listed in chronological order, however you can probably
tell what is recent and what is not.

These last few, are rain paintings.
The randomness of fingerpaint and raindrops

Since I got my Olympus C-2100 Ultra Zoom last year, I have gotten very much more into photography. Here are a few photos I have taken since then.

(coming soon)

Most of these are glazed.. The native american woman is painted and sealed.
All are molded pieces bought at ceramic stores and painted myself.


The masks are paper mache with faux fur (For the wolf) and feathers..
Each feather was glued on by hand, one at a time. The fur was put on in seamless pieces
The torc was made by hand from copper wire.


Computer Art
All my work is done in Adobe Photoshop.

All roses were edited from a real, picked from the bush, white rose.

These moose are logos I created for a company.

Click on these two images to see some photo editing.
Also, I made the dress and chemise shown.