About Me


Welcome to my site. Herein you will find bits and pieces of the woman known as ShadowDream. Feel free to browse all within. Here you will find my art, poetry, and insights into my life. As time passes I will be adding to this site. Look for a blacksmithing section when the money becomes available to feed the interest. Look for a cooking section as I try to find a way to organise all those little slips of paper that I use in the kitchen. Also, when time is found to become active in it once again, there will be a section added on the SCA. This page will be used to note the updates that are all too infrequent to this site. Enjoy, and feel free to say hello, my messenger listings are in my profile on my journal, or drop a comment in my journal.


4/06/05 - Working on adding a World of Warcraft section..Added some new poetry..Updated the about me page..FINALLY fixed the broken pictures.. Starting more updates. Working on maybe getting a gallery setup for my photography and World of Warcraft screenshots.

11/27/04 - Pages moved over to another new server, hopefully to stay. This one should be more reliable, and.. It is all under now.

8/20/03 - Pages moved over to new server. Links fixed. Pics page updated. All but links should work. If they don't, drop me a line..

08/07/03 - New page layout (applied to art page, poetry page and NEW about me page), About me page edited, new splash page, the pics page and links page open in new window since they have not been edited yet.